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Upcoming kidding starting February. Email Us to be placed on the notification list.

We are close to Maryland fainting goats
About our Fainters Welcome
To the home of Shanghai Shaggies Fainting Goats.  Tucked back in the shadow of two historic WV mountains, lives a herd of Tennessee Fainting Goats.  We are on the I-81 corridor and convenient to MD, PA, and VA. Most of our goats hail from legendary Marshall County, recorded origin of these unique animals.
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About our Fainters Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia
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About Tennessee Fainting Goats
No, they really don't FAINT.  Fainting Goats are a meat goat that are affected by a genetic condition called myotonia.  This condition can occur in other goat breeds (as well as people too!), but consistently with Tennessee Fainting Goats.
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Fainting Goat Registries
Goats registered through IFGA (International Fainting Goat Association), MGR (Myotonic Goat Registry) and Pedigree International. It is important to register and track the lineage of your goats. This serves as not only a marketing benefit, but helps out while making breeding line decisions. Many 'lost' lines have been rediscovered with the documentation of Fainting Goats the last couple years.
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